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01-15-2016 - PimpRoll Launches Ultra-HD Site 4KDesire.com!

4kdesire.com Now at PimpRoll!

4K Desire is Pimproll's latest and greatest site, featuring hardcore and anal sex scenes shot in stunning 4K definition at an astounding 60 frames per second! As the 4K video format continues to explode in popularity, we're giving webmasters access to a wealth of cutting-edge promo materials to attract new customers to this revolutionary new site.

4kdesire.com Now at PimpRoll!

Right now, webmasters can earn up to $35 per sale or opt for "Super Revshare" where payouts can be as high as 65% of revenue. PimpRoll is also running a special promotion from January 18th to January 31st, where webmasters can earn supersized payouts of $40 per sign-up for two full weeks!
08-19-2015 - Target Your Top Traffic Geo's with Translated Ads from PIMPROLL

If you can imagine the difficulty of someone trying to sell something to you in a language you don’t understand, you can also easily see why it matters so much to have your own marketing materials speaking the same language as your potential customers. That’s why PIMPROLL is taking important steps to provide affiliates and media buyers with language targeted tools to fit the ten most valuable markets right now.

“Targeted ads turn more visitors into customers and this move simplifies the process by making quality creatives available in: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish for affiliates and media buyers marketing PIMPROLL websites” said Ross of TrafficForce.com. “The fact that WANKZ and Lethal Hardcore are now translated into all top ten languages sweetens the news because it allows webmasters to monetize traffic from any of these regions with targeted traffic from these audiences as well.”

“We’ve translated the entire UI/UX of WANKZ.com and LethalHardcore.com, including content tags, categories, interface elements and the join process,” said Phil of PIMPROLL. “That creates a seamless transition from entertainment to transaction and our internal testing is already showing excellent ratios as a result, from regions that are demonstrating rapid sustained growth. As always, our responsive designs also make these enhancements available whether a customer prefers to visit with their desktop, tablet or mobile device.”

In today’s adult entertainment marketplace, webmasters need to provide an unparalleled level of convenience to compete with free content, and targeting top traffic GEOs with fully translated ads from PIMPROLL, while promoting fully translated content-rich websites like WANKZ or Lethal Hardcore provides exactly the kind of synergy that pays off in regions that appreciate you speaking their language. To learn more, contact www.PIMPROLL.com to access multicultural marketing materials and link codes, or visit www.TrafficForce.com to obtain billions of unique visitors from virtually any region with an award winning real time bidding interface that allows you to tailor your incoming traffic to match all of your own custom specifications.

08-04-2015 - The All New LETHAL HARDCORE - $45 PPS

Following the recent successful launch of our new Flagship site Wankz, PIMPROLL is equally excited to announce the launch of the completely revamped and reworked Lethal Hardcore.

The by-product of the smut filled mind of legendary porn producer Stoney Curtis, Lethal Hardcore is chalk full of high impact, bestselling porn series including hits like "Your Mom Tossed My Salad", "Fuck My Mommy and Me" and "Cougars Crave Young kittens". With 20 new, High Definition scenes being added every month, your surfers are sure to be excited by the abundance of fresh new faces and pussy pounding, ass licking action.

For years, the crew at Lethal Hardcore have been pushing the envelope, releasing scene after scene and DVD after DVD of controversial material featuring top stars and fresh talent alike. Now you have even better access to promoting this hot content to your users. Take advantage of the fact that Lethal Hardcore is translated into 10 of the most popular languages in the world and optimize your marketing on a geo location basis; or send traffic directly to one of the featured sites or categories based on the niche wants of your audience.

To make this even more exciting, from August 5th to August 20th, we'll be paying a full $45 per join for all sales sent to Lethal Hardcore, which includes $1 trials. Get in now while this new design is fresh, you will not be disappointed with the conversions. Log in now to get fresh promo materials and link codes now!

07-09-2015 - New Flagship network site: WANKZ.COM

After 2 months in Beta, we are extremely excited to announce the full release of WANKZ our new Flagship Network site featuring all the exclusive content from our library of high impact sites and regular updates shot in full 4K at 60 fps! Now all webmasters can promote this highly tuned conversion machine that is hitting it hard already and getting better and better as we continue to tweak it for optimal performance. WANKZ is fully responsive, optimized for desktop, mobile and tablets and is currently killing it with internal mobile traffic tests.

For your general sales funnel, send traffic directly to the main page, or if you spend time filtering your users, try sending directly to the splash page for any of the exclusive sites featured on WANKZ. You can even directly promote our high impact parody movies like the multi part New Release "ASSVENGERS".

As the next few weeks pass, we will continue to release tested and effective conversion tools that we have been working on including tube style landing pages, full screen video landers and more. Log in now to get your promotional material and link codes or contact webmaster@pimproll.com for more information now!

To help make the official release of WANKZ an even bigger success, we are raising payouts for the site by $10 for the rest of July, that's $40 per signup, (even $1 trials), for the rest of the month. On top of that, every sale sent to WANKZ before August 15th will generate an entry into the WANKZ traffic lottery, from which two numbers will be drawn, each of which will win a $250 traffic credit from Traffic Force!

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