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thinkrick - The Best Porn
"PimpRoll continues to be one of our highest grossing programs month after month. High quality sites, innovation, and great management is how I define PimpRoll!"
Ellisa - PlatinumBucks
"PimpRoll is a wicked program! I highly recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to work with this program take that chance. The sites are amazing, the conversions are consistently great and the staff is easy to find and great to work with. Good job guys you have really created a top-notch program!"
Brian F. - SlickCash
"I've got a lot of niche traffic and your sites look great. It's a perfect match. Conversions have been great since day one, as they say the truth is in the numbers. Keep up the good work guys!"
Hooper - Quickbuck
"PimpRoll rocks! It's been a while since a new program has come along that is really worthwhile to promote. Best of all we actually get paid! I send traffic, it converts like crazy and I get paid every week like fuckin' clockwork! Thanks PimpRoll!"
Rabbit - Rabbit's Reviews
"Pimproll has one of the most user-friendly webmaster backends I've seen. Not to mention their sites convert like mad. Surfers like their content, as the video quality is excellent!"
  PimpRoll Strives to provide an exceptional level of Webmaster Support. Should you have any questions or concerns about PimpRoll or any of the programs or products we offer, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our dedicated support staff!  

For General Webmaster Support, and Questions concerning the program, we can be reached via:

ICQ: 150-557-167

Skype: HitMan.b52

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept chat sales!

(We have recently noticed several problems with people using Trillian to reach our icq support. There have been several instances where people using Trillian have not received our replies, please keep this in mind and note that the best way to reach us is by using ICQ itself and not a hybrid messaging service.)

  To send an email to our dedicated support staff, use the following link:
  If you would like to discuss PimpRoll with other members of our webmaster community, please visit  
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